The aim of our curriculum is to provide our students with a wide knowledge base in relation to religious phenomena, through systematic and comparative research methods. The learning process focuses on recognizing that religions, literatures and languages are expressions of a complex cultural system, including its different philosophical aspects. Special attention is given to the comparative perspective, while providing an understanding of the sociology, anthropology, psychology and philosophy of religion. 


BA Degree

The study program is divided into core studies in Comparative Religion which are required by all BA departmental students, and specialized studies through a cluster which every student picks according to their own interests (Judaism/Christianity/Islam/Asian religions). As part of the curriculum, familiarization with the religions of our time and place is emphasized, which includes a tour program of religious communities in Jerusalem and the encouragement of the department's students to participate in a workshop that leads to field research in religious communities. There is also the possibility of integrating the study of ancient languages in the BA, which enriches the academic experience and allows further specialization in the field.

MA Degree

MA studies allow students to broaden their knowledge of a religious tradition they specialize in, together with enrichening their acquaintance with the methodological and theoretical aspect of religious studies, while exposing them to teachers and disciplines from other departments. Students with adequate research background (including an ancient language) and good academic achievements will be invited to study in the research course and finish the degree by writing an enlarged seminar paper, which will prepare them for advanced research.

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