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Full Prof. Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony

By appointment

As a historian of late antique Eastern Christianity I inquire into and interpret the delicate balance of continuity and transformation that defines a historical Christian self-identity. I seek to discern the dynamics of change, continuity, and rupture in religious behavior and thought within Christian and non-Christian traditions alike; to reveal their effects on institutional and personal religion in late antique Eastern Christianity; and to seize the particularity of the period, grasping its peculiar identity through the lens of three major religious and social phenomena: pilgrimage, monasticism, and prayer. She published on the debate on Christian literature in late antiquity, monasticism in Gaza, Syriac hagiography, Syriac ascetic culture, personal experience of God in Byzantine literature, theories of prayer in late antiquity, and the Greek patristic legacy in East Syriac Christianity in the 5-8 centuries.