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Depatment Secretary: Sara Parnassa
Room 4507, Humanities Building
Tel.: 02-5883965


Department Chair: Prof. Eviatar Shulman
Email: | Tel. 02-5882898

Advisor to BA Students: Dr. Yonatan Moss
Email: | Tel. 02-5882388 

Advisor to MA Students: Prof.  Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony



MA Degree

MA studies allow students to broaden their knowledge of a religious tradition they specialize in, as well as enriching their acquaintance with the methodological and theoretical aspect of religious studies and at the same time exposing them to teachers and disciplines from other departments. Students with adequate research background (including an ancient language) and good academic achievements will be invited to study in the research course and finish the degree by writing an enlarged seminar paper, which will prepare them for advanced research.

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