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Table of Contents

Why Study Comparative Religion?

It is difficult not to notice the high relevance of the study of religion for understanding contemporary reality. In spite of science and modernity, many people and a wide spectrum of cultures still define themselves in relation to the religious tradition they belong to. Religions define human values, the nature of reality, morality and the value of human behavior, "us" and "them", and much more. The best way to get millions or even hundreds of millions of people to act together under one cause is to speak in the name of religion.

Comparative Religion stands as an important intersection for many fields of knowledge. Religion is connected with philosophy, but no less to sociology and anthropology, as it provides the basis of a social structure. The best of literature, philosophy, poetry and art throughout history was created with religious goals and motivations. Religion is central to human identity and to the way people find their place in the world, so that religious studies are also intertwined with Psychology.

Therefore, studies in comparative religion are an excellent way to prepare oneself for a wide range of professional options, as the stories of the department's alumni demonstrate. Whether in economics or government positions, or in different free professions, the studies we provide place our students in a situation where it is easier for them to understand the human reality before them and to choose how to act accordingly. Many alumni of the department have also continued in academic studies in the best institutions in Israel and abroad, making the department a wonderful beginning for academic careers.